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During November – December of 2000 the parents of 7 students and 3 teachers contacted Mrs Susan Borchard and asked her to take the lead in opening a Learning Centre for Home school students. It was quite a mission to get a venue during December but we did. We rented from a church in Piet Hugostreet Eldoraigne Centurion.
We open on 15th of January 2001
We included myself Mrs Susan Borchard -- Mathematics, Physical Science, Accounting, Economics
Mrs Sandy Steyn -- English, History
Mrs Emmerentia Janse van Rensburg only until June 2001. ----- Afrikaans, Business studies
Mrs Betsie Smith joined us when Mrs Van Rensburg left.
Mrs Annette Hoffmann -- Geography, Hospitality studies, Biology

In the beginning we hand students from all walks of life. Meaning from all the distant learning institutes.

January 2005 we enrolled all our students with Impak Education.
2006 Centauri became the grade 12 examination centre for the BCVO distant learners. Our first and with 63 grade 12 students.

28th of January 2007 we got a letter from the Church that we can only use their premises until the 30th of June 2007. We had 63 students at that stage. Mrs Borchard became the sole owner of Centauri. She bought premises for the school in Baard street Raslouw Centurion where the school is still situated.

In 2009 we started with our preparations to register as an Independent school. The effective date under GDE January 2013 and not home school centre any more. Centauri is still registered as an IMPAK centre but prefer to write the Gauteng education department exams. 


67 A Leanka Estate
172-174 Baard Street


Phone: 012 666 7955
Cell: 083 953 2048


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