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Code of Conduct -2017 

(Under Review)

This is the code of conduct of CENTAURI HIGH SCHOOL - LEARNING CENTRE. The code of conduct has been drafted in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, Act 108 of 1996; the South African Schools Act, Act 84 of 1996 (‘SASA’); the National Education Policy Act, Act 27 of 1996; Guidelines for a Code of Conduct for Learners (General Notice 776 in Government Gazette 18900 dated 15 May 1998); the Regulations on Devices to be used for Drug Testing and the Procedure to be followed (GN 1140 in Government Gazette 31417 dated 19 September 2008); Regulation for Safety Measures at Public Schools and relevant provincial legislation.

1. Objective
Although the State is obligated to make education available and accessible, this must be enhanced by the dedication and commitment of responsible role players, namely educators, learners and parents. This code of conduct is intended to promote such dedication and commitment. This code of conduct aims to establish a disciplined and purposeful school environment, which is dedicated to promoting and maintaining the quality of the learning process. The code of conduct endorses the school’s mission statement. Learners and their parents/guardians are expected to acquaint themselves with the school’s code of conduct and its provisions. As soon as learners are enrolled at the school/hostel, they are subject to the code of conduct, and must strictly adhere to it.

2. School Campus
2.1 During breaks and before school learners may gather on the porch or the lawn in front of the porch. No learner is allowed behind the secondary classroom building or to enter the office without a teacher or the Principal present.
2.2 No dangerous games, shoving or bullying will be tolerated.
2.3 No learner is allowed to leave the school campus during school hours without the necessary permission. Permission can be obtained from the Principal.
2.4 No running is allowed within the school building itself.

3. Clothing
While Centauri Learning Centre has no formal school wear; students are expected to dress smartly, neatly and presentably (IE smart casual).

4. Appearance of Learners
4.1 No unconventional hairstyles are allowed. This includes the bleaching or dying of hear, streaks or any colorants. Hair must be regularly washed, neatly combed and no gel or any similar products may be used.
4.2 Boys who are developing a beard and/or moustache must be clean shaven every day.
4.3 Jewellery: Girls are allowed to wear studs and small hoops. No rings or other elaborate jewellery is allowed to be worn.
4.4 Learners at Centauri Learning Centre are allowed to wear clothing as required by their religious belief.

5. Behaviour
Learners shall be good ambassadors of the school, and shall conduct themselves in accordance with the school’s code of ethics at all times. It is expected from every learner to always behave in a well- mannered and polite way towards teachers, visitors, the public and one another. Cheekiness and back-chatting will not be tolerated. It is expected of a learner to greet an adult or teacher who walks by in a friendly and courteous manner. If the learner determines that it is a visitor, he must ask the person whether he can be of assistance. If the visitor is looking for a specific room or place, the learner must take the visitor to the Principal or Vice Principal in order that further assistance can be rendered. Politeness towards adults is also compulsory. In their interaction with one another, learners shall practise self-restraint as far as possible, and shall display mutual respect and tolerance. In particular, learners shall refrain from any action aimed at harming, or that could possibly cause harm to, any other learner’s physical, spiritual and moral well‐being. Any sexual or improper physical contact between learners on school grounds, or in any other place where they could be identified as learners of the school, is strictly prohibited.
A school educator shall have the same rights as a parent with regard to controlling and disciplining the learner according to the code of conduct, both during the learner’s school attendance as well as any school activity.

Learners are expected to arrive on the appointed time at the beginning of the school day and the start of any other school activity.    


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